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Policy Planning Reunions

In the late 1970s, Geoff Shepard began arranging and hosting annual reunion luncheons of those former members of the Nixon/Ford White House staffs that worked on policy planning issues. These began with his former colleagues on the Domestic Council staff, but soon expanded to include presidential appointees to the Office of Management and Budget, other members of the White House staff, and—more recently, members of the National Security Council staff.

The reunions are held each November, following the elections. While there are now some eighty members of this group—known as the White House Policy Planning Staff (c 1970s), typically about fifty show up at any given reunion.

The group met at various places within Washington, DC, until 2001, when four of its members became part of the Cabinet of President George W. Bush. They were prevailed upon to host these reunions—which were held each November as follows:

  • 2001: Residence of Vice President Richard Cheney
  • 2002: Cash Room at the Department of the Treasury, with Secretary Paul O’Neill
  • 2003: Eisenhower Conference Room at the Pentagon, with Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld
  • 2004: Diplomatic Reception Rooms at the Department of State, with Secretary Colin Powell
  • 2006: Cash Room at the Department of the Treasury, with Secretary Henry Paulson

Since then, reunions have typically been held at the Metropolitan Club. Group pictures have been taken at every reunion beginning in 2001.

This the only White House staff of any administration known to have annual reunions.